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I was talking with a group of co-workers yesterday during a video meeting. There was no business to discuss, which is almost unheard of, so we all decided that we would have a round-robin and we could share on a more personal level. So around the chat we went, one after the other. I watched this group of women, no men anymore, we lost our only male team member during our work-from-home, and it hit me that we had no one in the group that I would consider young. Our youngest member had shared that she just took her daughter to college for the new semester. It is the way our world is today, the culmination of all the warnings and foreboding that the media focused on during my younger years; it's coming-the infiltration of the baby-boomers. They would be invading. Being on the younger side of the boomer generation, I took the predictions and warnings with as much attention as a gnat. But here we are! We're everywhere. Walk into a grocery store on a Wednesday afternoon and you will be amazed at the number of people over fifty or sixty, myself included.

So where am I going with all this? Well, prior to this discovery of our sheer numbers, I was feeling pretty alone. Being the youngest of five, age just didn't seem too important to me. My mom was forty-two and my dad was around forty-five when I came along. My two oldest siblings were twenty and eighteen years older than me-they had a life outside of the house by then. My other sister and brother were fourteen and almost twelve. I lived with older people from the day I was born, so not a big deal...until I turned fifty. For some reason that was when it hit me. And it wasn't the number-it was my body. My body was telling me it was getting tired. I have tried to argue with it since then, I seem to be losing that argument. So I have decided to try and find some good, some peace, and some reconciliation with my body and mind about aging. And that is where we come in...

I am inviting you, all of you-no matter how old or young you are. We can be thirty and feel 60, right? We have all had those times. Or how about being sixty-three and feel twenty. I feel that way mostly in the spring until I feel that invisible knife going through one of my knees. It happens-not often lately, but it does. I'm inviting you to join me in this journey of age. A journey that we can help each other through-sometimes just by listening, sometimes talking.

My first question is to ask you your opinion about this statement:

Aging is not an option, but growing old is.

What do you think?

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